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Scoala Biblica Arad este o scoala biblica devotionala care te ajuta sa iti descoperi chemarea si sa fi echipat pentru slujire.Biblical School Arad is a devotional that helps you discover the call and be equipped for ministry.


It is a school of belief that surely will propel you to another spiritual level through the 15 courses that are taught by special people have awakening of Romania.
You can register for both courses and for courses to date online.

Team Sunday school teacher is concerned to train and equip children so that they know and manage to walk in faith and God’s will by:
Bible Lessons – Prayer – Evangelism – Games – Creative Teachers prepare children for special events in the church.
Burning Bush is a work of spiritual awakening beyond the walls of denominational.
The main topic of these meetings is to present a living God who is involved in people’s lives, giving them salvation, healing, deliverance and extraordinary things in fellowship with Him in prayer.
Meetings are held in various locations in the country and abroad, the main one being held every year Ponoare County. jud Bihor.
It aims to help some people temporarily in need of churches River Of Revival and beyond, by offering food or goods donated by members of the BRT. Persons wishing to participate can donate money, clothing, shoes, staple foods and canned.
Persons wishing to receive help can contact Ms Laura Andres accessing our contact form and will complete an application and receive aid under the current BRT donations.
If you wish to participate or get involved in our church activities, please complete the contact form and specify exactly where you want to get involved and for how long. Thank you!
Here we show paid or unpaid jobs within our church or those who come to our attention from members of the church.
See available jobs.


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