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  • River of Revival Arad

  • River of Revival Lipova

  • River of Revival Pecica

  • River of Revival Zadareni

  • River of Revival Linz Austria

  • River of Revival Bologna Italy

  • River of Revival Ferrara Italy

  • River of Revival Landshut Germany

In 2001, in the apartment where he lived young theology student, Samuel Caba, the glory of God filled the room while Samuel was under the power of God and could not get off the ground due to the weight of God’s glory. Holy Spirit shows him a vision of a lot of people praising God free. Very interesting was that some people were better dressed, others poorly dressed but all were praising the Lord with joy. Samuel did not understand what was going on at that time because they knew too little about the manifestation of freedom before God, and so He asked the Lord about this vision. The Lord replied that the Holy Spirit will bring a powerful spiritual awakening before the coming of the Lord and that he was chosen by God to be an instrument of revival. From that day, Samuel started looking in the Word means spiritual awakening and soon formed a group of disciples of 11 people, whom he shared this vision.

End of 2004, specifically on December 5 after some meetings with a small group of people in the apartment where he lived Sami pastor, God sent a young missionary from the US, who joins brother Tod Kapper Pastor Sami and begins to assist in training new churches. For a week the second floor of the oldest printers in Arad organizes a week of evangelism and Christian church officially kick off River Of Revival.

River Of Revival church began from scratch without breaking other churches and pastor until today collaborates Sami who served as pastor earlier. In 2005, Sami Caba was ordained as pastor of a group of pastors in Romania and the US, and in the summer of that year joined the vision of his father, a great man of God, Pastor John Caba, along with Pastor Florin Dan and two other collaborators, starting revivalist movement Burning Bush.

Lord added each year to the number of church members River Of Revival, for which he had to move to larger spaces.

After two years the Lord spoke to Pastor Samuel Caba it is time to plant new churches River Of Revival. With the help of God, they founded the Church River Of Revival Zadareni, River Of Revival Church Pecica and River Of Revival Bologna Italy and recently Lipova. Currently we work in a few places where the Lord’s help we’ll take River Of Revival Church, such as Mandruloc, Turnu Severin, Wells Austria and many others.

Sami Pastor Caba began work on the formation of leaders and followers. In this sense, after three years to open Arad Bible School, where two generations have already graduated and has ministered as a leader on one of the mentors Sami Pastor Caba, brother Dr. Leon Van Rooyen.

We believe that River Of Revival Church is more than a simple church is an organization, is a movement of spiritual awakening and we are glad that you are part of this work or want to be part in this great work of the Spirit in these times in which we live.

“Ask me and I will give the nations for an inheritance”

God needs you to expand his kingdom on earth.

Let yourself be provoked …! You want something in your area …?

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